CEM UPVC Limited is the sister concern of CEM Group. Was established in the year 2014 for the purpose of fabricating high class upvc profile to their valued customer . CEM UPVC LIMITED make high quality UPVC profiles for Doors and Windows. CEM UPVC LIMITED is your source of innovating, state of art, high end solutions for building construction industries. With and experience of 40 Years in Electro Mechanical and Construction f...
  • UV resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Fire retardant
  • Termite resistant
  • Eugenic design
  • Recyclable


Introduces in the markets, a unique tropical mix compound which provides high impact UV resistance that withstands long exposure to extreme weather changes. doors and windows systems also provide resistance to withering due to dryness & high tropical humidity.
Special design for optimum acoustic / thermal insulation: Profiles are specially designed and tested with international standards to achieve maximum acoustic and thermal insulation giving you noiseless indoors and up to 35% energy saving.

Provides an important step for maximum security with its higher wall thickness. It gives high impact resistance and increases the static value of the profile, especially useful for high rise buildings.

Windows come with unleaded stabilizers that make them environmentally safe and healthy.

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC is a rigid, sturdy and tough plastic used extensively all over the world for manufacturing profiles of different types of doors and windows.
CEM uPVC windows are made from profiles that have additives like. o Heat stabilizers to prevent material degradation during extrusion. o Impact Modifiers to improve toughness and Impact resistance. o UV stabilizers to prevent fading from Ultra-Violet Rays in sunlight. The uPVC profiles are reinforced with steel to give added strength. CEM uPVC products are totally Lead free and thus absolutely non-toxic and safe for infants and children.


Tilt & turn windows

Tilt & turn windows are Tilt & turn windows are inward opening windows and can be kept in an tilted position for ventilation & safety. The hardwares used are hinges, espag multipoint loading system with handle.

Top Hung windows

Top Hung windows are basically casement windows opening upwards. The hardwares consist friction stays espag & handle.

Vertical slider

Vertical sliding windows are basically sliding windows where one sash moves vertically up & down & other is a fixed sash. The hardware used are springs with sliding track with a locking system.

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