UPVC Doors


1.Casement Doors:

There are various options of casement doors like single shutter door & French door with double shutter. Doors with the combination of fixed frame can be fabricated. The u PVC doors are used in hospitals, schools & industries which shuts the noise & other pollutants entering the office from the shop floor. The upvc doors are used as bathroom doors since they do not warp or whither on prolonged contact with water & doors for balconies which shuts the noise & rainwater entering the household. Casement doors use 3D hinges & espag multipoint locking system with handles.


2. French doors :

French doors are casement doors with two shutters & a false mullion in the center for more opening area &can be provided with a combination of fixed frame. Ranch doors are used in balconies & main entrance doors.


2. Sliding doors:

(2 Track & 3 Track) withfly mesh

Sliding doors can be given in two track, three track & two track four shutter & three track six shutter option for large openings. Sliding doors can also be provided with aluminium low threshold which can be flushed to hte floor for hassle free usage. heavy duty rollers are used to take the weight with sash & glass. Locking is with espag multipoint locking system with handle.